Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Humming House -- Revelries

According to Nashville (what? You don't watch it religiously?), East Nashville is where all the hipsters hang out. Since the show's about mainstream country stars in their 40s and wannabe mainstream country stars in their 20s, it's often said with a sneer. But then you have bands like Humming House exploding out of their, and it's easy to remember why mainstream country sucks.

That's not to say there aren't some "indie" folk staples that, at this point, feel a little cliche -- the gang vocals, that high-and-lonesome chord progression and militaristic drumming popularized by "Some Nights" (sorry -- not a music scholar.) What Humming House brings to the table instead is its unbridled joyous approach to the music. Humming House's heavy influence by Celtic music brings to mind Carbon Leaf, especially in their more poetic turns like "Hitch Hike."

Humming House is pretty much rocking everyone's world in the alt-country sphere. They clearly have the versatility and technical expertise to become great. I'd like to see a little more lyrical depth before I put this on my "best of" list. That being said, Revelries is a great ride.

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