Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Caleb Sweazy -- Lucky or Strong

Caleb Sweazy brings old-world charm to his Americana. His old-time crooner's voice blends seamlessly with his twang-inflected ballads. "Soldier's Heart," a tale of love from WWI, is an instant winner -- though considering how easily the song could be about a more modern soldier, what feels whimsical quickly becomes sobering. That's the trick to most of the songs on Sweazy's albums -- they all need at least three listens before you're hit with the gentle melancholy that pervades the album.

Sweazy's debut almost never happened. He thought he had given up music, but was "discovered" at one of his few live performances. It's easy to see why -- he doesn't just have the voice, but he also has the wit and -- more importantly -- charm to help us see life from his point of view. As Sweazy sings, in this world you're either lucky or strong. Turns out he's a little bit of both.

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