Monday, April 20, 2015

MUSIC GIVEAWAY: Anielle Reid -- Ain't Like 'Em

Overall, the banjo is a severely underrated instrument. At last night's Queer Country Monthly, I had the pleasure of watching AJ Lewis tear it up. But those were old time-y songs. Anielle Reid, on the other hand, has found the sweet spot between old-time sounds, indie folk, pop, and R&B and has charted a course for where the banjo can (and should) go.

Reid's quick-witted songwriting sensibility and velvety voice reveal an artist who understands her path and knows exactly where she intends to go. Reid's not necessarily interested in overturning preconceptions about any of the genres she summons forth. My favorite song, "Secrets," is a fun, seductive tune of self-recrimination. It also reminded me of this Amy Schumer sketch (NQuiteSFW -- includes some gore). Instead, it's the best way for her to express her worldview. Ultimately, it's quietly revolutionary music that makes for great listening.

Anielle's giving away a free copy of the album. If you're interested, please leave a comment with your favorite banjo song below! It goes without saying that you should sign in with your e-mail address. I'll randomly select the winner on Friday and get in touch with you!

Anielle Reid -- Official, Facebook, Name your price on her site


  1. This is excellent, Love to see her come up Boston way....she should contact Bill Hurley at the extended play sessions and see if she could do a gig for one of the tapings.!about/c2414\

    Oh, a banjo song? How about John Hartford

  2. Smoke Like Ribbons by Ugly Casanova. Also Diamonds on the Face of Evil, but I'm not sure if that's banjo.