Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pearls Mahone -- Echoes From the Prairie

You know what the world needs? More rockabilly. Pearls Mahone delivers with a voice that they just don't make anymore. With a velvety Patsy Cline-like purr and a sense of reckless fun, Mahone's an unholy alliance of demure 50s pin-up girl and swinging hellcat. In other words, my kind of woman.

Echoes From the Prairie is a mix of covers of more well-known songs ("All Of Me," "St. James Infirmary," which was also on Tough Old Bird's release earlier this week) and originals (I think -- feel free to correct me.) The selection showcases Mahone's versatility. The raucous opener "Blow Your Top" establishes Mahone's rowdy rockabilly street cred, while "Oklahoma Hills" will make you do a spit-take. It's hard to believe the song was recorded in 2015. Mahone nails that classic country sound. But this isn't just some re-hashed old-time music. Mahone's charisma and enthusiasm are infectious -- this album is guaranteed to get your feet tapping even if you think country music isn't your thing.


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