Thursday, June 4, 2015

Shane Sweeney -- Complex Ecosystems

It goes without saying that I'm going to love anything written by Shane Sweeney. So yeah, I love this EP. I'll tell you why.

These songs feel more rich and textured than anything Shane's produced to date -- even though these songs are mostly just Shane and his guitar. The songs chronicle the quotidian -- breakups, lost love, self-doubt -- and make them into the stuff of epics. I haven't figured out the science behind the magic  yet since I simply haven't spent enough time with the album. But I also don't really want to try to figure out. At the end of the day, these songs are lyrically dense and musical sparse. Shane has found the sweet spot of songs that are profound and express many ideas and songs that you actually want to listen to. It's exciting to see someone whose work I already have a deep and lasting love for continue to come into his own.

Shane Sweeney -- Preorder/purchase from Last Chance Records, Stream and purchase all tracks from Bandcamp

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