Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Ballroom Thieves -- A Wolf in the Doorway

Stage presence counts in rock'n'roll, and after watching the Ballroom Thieves play for a couple of songs, you'll be rooting for them, too. I was first introduced to them during last year's Campfire Music Festival, which consisted largely of regional bands that I hadn't heard of (in addition to, unfortunately, the Delta Spirit. I will use this blog as a platform to shit all over them.) I'll forgive the Thieves for their Boston roots, though. The trio took any and every opportunity to play music -- whether it was on the formal stage or late-night campfires. The joy they take in playing music -- with each other and in general -- is spellbinding.

As for the music, it may feel a lot like Mumford and Sons and other, er, admirers, coming out of Brooklyn but I'd like to think that the band's energy distinguishes them from the (wolf?) pack. These songs aren't meant to simply be pretty or whimsical. These are statements by emotionally intelligent people who are also incredibly intelligent and engaging musicians. If you get the chance to see the band live, you should. While the recording captures the band's energy, it's better to see them live.

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