Friday, September 4, 2015

Liam Corcoran -- ROM-DROM

In spite of the title, Liam Corcoran's solo EP is anything but cold. In fact, Corcoran gives us a heavily pop-tinged EP that is laced with casual lyrical brilliance. "July-eh, July-oh" sets the tone with a sunny song expressing the wistful yearning of a long-distance relationship. As the EP continues, Corcoran explores the different ways we can be lonely, even if we're actually in a relationship.

The high point of the album is the artful "Let It Be Now," a pure, 500% piece of power pop joy. But pay attention to the lyrics, kids. Corcoran makes the combination of a catchy song and lyrics that could be poetry seem effortless. ROM-DROM doesn't necessarily break new ground, but Corcoran sure knows how to dig an effective (and deeply affecting) hole.

Liam Corcoran -- Facebook, Stream on Spotify, Stream on CBC FirstPlay, Read liner notes here, Purchase on iTunes (link not available as of this writing)

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