Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tapes and Tubes AND Michael Cerveris

A small grab bag of odds and ends today. First up is Tapes & Tubes' latest release, Man in the Window. As always, the three tracks create a mystical atmosphere that is slightly creepy (Austin Potter's hoarse sing-whisper half-submerged in jangling guitars and thrumming background noise can just as easily send you into slumber as jolt you out of it) but ultimately rewarding -- spiritual, even, if you go in with the right mindset.

Potter's yearning and isolation are driven home by his unique vision. The songs feel fragile, like if you listen a little too closely they'll pop like a bubble. You can download the collection at any price you wish, or you can be one of Those Kids and buy it on cassette for $5.

Tapes & Tubes -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

If Michael Cerveris' name sounds familiar, that's because he just won a Tony for his depiction of Alison Bechdel's dad in Fun Home. It is worth noting that Cerveris is also a New Orleans native and accomplished singer-songwriter in his own right. Cerveris just released a single off his upcoming album, Piety, which will feature Adobe & Teardrops-favored artists Paul Sanchez, Alex McMurray, and members of Sweet Crude. If you like what you hear and live near New York City, Paul and Michael will be playing at Hill Country on Monday, November 23rd. It'll be a great way to get your 'cue and your tunes on.


Michael Cerveris -- Official

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