Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Birdcloud -- Tetnis

In my quest to prove that I had indeed written the world's first country song about U-Hauling, my spirit animal @NashvilleRage (who hates the town as much as I do, but they live there and I was only there for a few days) pointed me to Birdcloud, an ambiguously (probably) queer country gem waiting for my sweaty little hands to uncover them.

Fair warning, though. Birdcloud, in spite of their whimsical indie branding and name, are deliciously and deliriously NSFW. Tetnis is the duet's fourth exploration into the unglamorous world of people who self-medicate with sex, drugs, and booze -- sometimes all at once.

The duet have a tried-and-true formula for each of their songs: straightforward country chord progressions with profane, strangely complex lyrics delivered with the precision of an excellent -- albeit drunken -- Dolly Parton impression. I literally cannot reprint enough of the lyrics on here to tell you what I mean, so you'll just have to listen. My person favorite is "Vodkasodaburg," which recounts a sloppy bar-and-bed crawl through my most hated of neighborhoods: Williamsburg. Verily, Birdcloud sings all the things Im too chickenshit to say outloud. (Well, most of the things anyway.) But if you brought your headphones to work, here are some shining examples via YouTube:

Don't say I didn't warn you. When you've stopped blushing, pick up their albums on iTunes.

Birdcloud -- Official, Facebook, iTunes, Spotify

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