Monday, January 25, 2016

Feral Conservatives -- Here's to Almost

Here's to finally updating this blog! I think I'll finally have enough breathing room for this again.

The Feral Conservatives blew me away last spring with their EP, The Feeling Noise Becomes. The EP was a cherry bomb of barely suppressed energy and thinly veiled anxiety. Now that the band has more room to spread its wings on its first full-length, Here's to Almost, we get to see their sweeter side.

Songs like "Logan's Song" exemplify the trio's knack for giving the listener a meaty hook to latch onto. For the most part, the Feral Conservatives give us irresistible dance songs that are rooted in vaguely melancholy lyrics of depression, nostalgia, and alienation. In other words, it's the perfect '90s dance party. When they slow down for "Acrylics," we're treated to the full emotional weight of their writing. If you're a fan of revivalists like Cayetana, Diet Cig, and Reina del Cid, the Feral Conservatives will be the perfect addition to your spunky pop-punk pog collection.

Feral Conservatives -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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