Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Eric Peter Schwartz -- Gloaming

Gloaming, from Old English, is another word for twilight. It also shares the same root as "glow." I expected Schwartz's fourth release, a five-song EP, to take us down the same, darker path that Casual Ghosts did. However, in spite of the title, Gloaming has a light touch.

 Schwartz is best when he sneaks up on you. Though the songs might sound airy, his lyrics enter the cracks our waking thoughts avoid:

Another time, another place
I had substance
a life I could call my own
now I find
I haven't got a home
calamity, catastrophe
a cool, condescending cadaver for me
now I find
I'm waiting for the ascension climb

"The Cold Spot" combines Schwartz's knack for storytelling and easy listening, even if the words are hard to hear. Gloaming is a strong addition to Schwartz's portfolio of sweet, funny, and deeply personal music.

Eric Peter Schwartz -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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