Monday, March 21, 2016

Kelcy Mae -- Half-Light

In the history of the world, there must be a billions of love songs and at least twice as many break-up songs. But we keep coming back for to hear somebody else's take on these seemingly universal experiences, thirsting for that one person who can create that combination of words and melody that perfectly capture our own experiences. Kelcy Mae's Half-Light captures that quest well. Mae's pop sensibilities make her songs seemingly accessible at first blush -- a combination of Liz Phair with the country and Americana sensibilities of Kasey Musgraves. These melodies, however, are camouflage for some truly unique and perceptive songwriting.

We can see an example of Mae's inborn storytelling qualities on the lead-off track, "Bright Eyes." Each line represents a minute image, a single frame on a film strip depicting a painful breakup. Songs like "Favor" and "I Remember" will creep on you at odd moments of the day, their distinctive melodies hooking onto your subconscious. Half-Light is a strong collection of powerful songs that should be at the top of your musical shopping list.

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