Monday, April 4, 2016

Laura Jean Anderson -- Righteous Girl

Laura Jean Anderson's debut EP, Righteous Girl, reads like a showcase for Anderson's impressive vocals. The slinky grooves of "Take Me In" and "It Won't be Long" lull us into the expectation that Anderson belongs with the honey-voiced (but impressive) old-time country chanteuses of the world. But "Over and Over Again," a dark tango, and "Righteous Girl," a moody blues-rock ballad, cement Anderson's position as a powerful and unpredictable vocalist.

Kudos also belong to Anderson's backing band. With all due respect to country music, the four are firmly in the pocket, taking simple blues hooks and transforming them into inescapably danceable grooves. Righteous Girl feels like it should be an album -- Anderson clearly has an interesting story to tell. For now, we have tidbits from a band that is on the verge of something special.

Laura Jean Anderson -- Official, Purchase on CDBaby

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