Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kate Vargas -- "Second Skin"

I got back from Jazz Fest on Sunday night. Thought I'd have some time to write posts during my down time, but instead a slept, played with my friend's pet bunny, and ignored the fact that I had brought 50 student essays with me to grade just in case I got bored. (I did not get bored.)

So while I had a great time (and there will be many new-to-me New Orleans artists to be featured here soon), that unfortunately meant my post about Kate Vargas, who recently answered a few questions for me and performed with the Paisley Fields (who are on tour now!)

"Second Skin" is a foot stomper, showcasing how Vargas uses her raspy vocals to add texture to her songs. Vargas juxtaposes a playful melody with ominous lyrics that can only be driven home with her unique sound. I, for one, am stoked for the full album.

Kate Vargas -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp, iTunes

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