Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Anna Tivel -- Heroes Waking Up

I'm just going to put it on the table: Heroes Waking Up is one of the finest albums I've reviewed on this blog. (For reference, this is post number 817.) While I enjoyed Tivel's debut album, I have to say it did not stick much. Heroes, on the other hand, brings us a songwriter who's not only sharpened her skills, but is burning with stories to tell.

There is not a single song on here that is easily forgettable, much less filler. All of these stories are detailed epics, showing their characters awaken unto themselves. In some cases, like "Black Balloon," the hero in the story is quite literal -- a man (if I'm understanding it correctly) who uses his newfound powers to save his town before fading into anonymity. "Look Away" details one friend comforting another: the act of confession and solace are certainly acts of bravery unto their own, however small. "Lillian & Martha" details the final moments of a long-term, same-sex relationship: a relationship that withstood the homophobia of the late 20th century and ends only months after being recognized by the law.

Heroes Waking Up is an intense experience, one that reminds us of the courage and bravery we all possess, through acts great and small.

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