Wednesday, June 15, 2016

VIDEO: "Lover, Be Mine" -- Reina del Cid

Between the end of the school year and recent current events, I'm fairly exhausted. To the extent that it's my place to comment on Orlando, I maintain that queer visibility in all aspects of American life -- including country music -- will save us all.

On the lighter side, Reina del Cid -- who produced one of my favorite albums of 2015 -- has released a new single for the summer. Taking a different tack from The Cooling's gothic midwest pop, "Lover, Be Mine" is an impromptu, reggae-inspired jam. del Cid played the song at a show without rehearsing the band first. Once they jumped in, they knew they had to record the final product. So here's to remembering that there's lightness and joy in the world.

Reina del Cid -- Official, Facebook, Purchase from Bandcamp, Purchase from Big Cartel

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