Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kristopher James -- Find Me

Kristopher James has returned with his sophomore release, Find Me, and it's a triumphant one. James is all-around impressive, to be sure. Find Me showcases his impressive range (particularly in "Fire and the Fuse.") Where Movement:1 caught James in a more reflective place, Find Me is rife with catchy albums that will be sure to surface in your head for months to come.

What stands out most from these songs is a sense that James has a large and indomitable spirit. "I'm Not Quite Ready" and "Fire and the Fuse" are huge anthems, while "Humming Hallelujah Silently" shows us James' reveling in a moment of peace. "Heart Shaped Grave" is a touching duet. The title track, "Find Me," concludes the album with James at his most vulnerable and defiant, wrapping a bow on a powerful EP. Find Me is a moving collection of songs that deserves to be found.

Kristopher James -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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