Monday, October 3, 2016

Luke Winslow-King -- I'm Glad Trouble Don't Last Always

It's pretty common to see people dancing along to their music on the subway. I find myself fascinated by the many bubbles we lock ourselves into, made transparent when someone taps their feet or sings along with a choice lyric. Last week in the Bronx, though, I was probably the only person swinging my hips down the car to Luke Winslow-King.

I try not to be That Person. If I sing on the subway it's because I'm the only person in the car or it's like 2 AM and the other people on the platform are a relatively safe distance away. But I'm Glad is a unique album that deserves special treatment -- up to and including looking weird on the subway.

I had the chance to catch some of these songs at JazzFest this past spring, but the set was interrupted by a deluge so mighty I don't think I've gotten that wet from swimming, so the music was a bit soured in my memory. And something that the outdoor PA managed to mask was just how cool these songs are. Written in the wake of Winslow-King's divorce, these songs are churning blues rock with a New Orleans slink. Other than an outstanding cover of Muddy Waters' "Louisiana Blues," Winslow-King approaches the topic with a mixture of sadness, introspection, and optimism. While these are songs to drink by yourself to, they're also great for dancing -- even if it's a little semi-private victory dance on the subway.

Luke Winslow-King -- Official, Facebook, Purchase from Bloodshot Records

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