Wednesday, October 12, 2016

VIDEO: Aaron Lee Tasjan -- Don't Walk Away

In honor of National Coming Out Day (yesterday), it seemed fitting to give a hat-tip to Aaron Lee Tasjan. I couldn't find the Facebook post in which Tasjan comes out, and as far as I've seen it barely caused a ripple in the "scene." But as far as I'm concerned, it should -- there are so few out men in rock'n'roll -- let alone country music -- and Tasjan is courting national attention. When someone chooses to flout the stigma that is often attached to out men, it's always worth celebrating.

Another fun fact I discovered about Tasjan today is that he played in glam punk band Semi-Precious Weapons, which was the only decent band to play at my sister college for the entire four years I was there.

As for "Don't Walk Away," it's trademark Tasjan: driving hooks and smart, misanthropic lyrics. I didn't review In The Blazes because I felt I didn't have much to add to the heaps of praise it received. But if you haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, definitely do so. Better study up, though, because his next album, Silver Tears, will be out on the 28th.

Aaron Lee Tasjan -- Official, Facebook, Purchase In the Blazes

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