Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Band Cramps Vol 1

It may be after Halloween and there are few things scarier than systemic oppression, and that exists all year round. In an effort to combat sexism and to encourage more women to express themselves through music, a number of New York- and New Jersey-based feminist bands (including Adobe & Teardrops alumnae The Rizzos) have released a compilation album to benefit Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. Willie Mae is pretty much what it sounds like and has spread throughout the country, teaching women of all ages and genders how to rock out (and, more recently, emcee and DJ out.)

This is a punk compilation of 17 bands, so there's plenty of variety here. And, of course, amazing band names. (My new favorites include Ellen and the Degenerates, TinVulva, Tonya Harding, Damsel Trash, and the compilation's initiators, Basic Bitches.) If more of these nasty women (I'm so, so, so, sorry but I had to) had been around -- and if I had known about Willie Mae -- in my younger days, I probably would've started writing songs way sooner. Help create a haven for our youth and chip in your $10 today.

If you live in the area, there'll be an album launch party and benefit next Wednesday in Greenpoint (details here!)

Band Cramps Vol 1 -- Facebook, Purchase

Info on Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

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