Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Adam Lee -- Sincerely, Me

When an artist drops you his music and points out that he's been going to the same shows you've been (though in different cities), it's hard not to give him a chance. Adam Lee gets it -- in every way. His silver tongue landed him a role in Chicago's production of Million-Dollar Quarter (I'm going to guess he got Johnny Cash) and that classic country vibe wends its way through the whole record. Lee's debut solo album, however, does a good job of showing Lee's versatility.

Lee guides us in to the album with some classic country-style crooners, but the album takes a sharp turn at "Sing With Me" where he blasts his punk roots to eleven, earning himself a seat at the alt-country table. Lee's songs are stories like the best country writers, focusing on small lives as if fascinated with their isolation. And like the best of 'em, Lee points a magnifying glass to his own self-destructive tendencies, fully acknowledging that at least it makes for great rock'n'roll. Lee's voice is beautiful, and seems to fit best with the rockabilly it was made for. But overall, the album is a strong showing from a voice who will become increasingly important in our little nook.

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