Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration 2017

If you are white, mad about Trump, and not doing SOMETHING this weekend, then we have nothing further to say to each other. If you do not plan to attend the march or any other action, donate your money, donate your time, call your senators, join the Injustice Boycott. GET INVOLVED. And make an action plan with your partner, friend, colleague for the next 4+ years to check in regularly about what you're doing to resist white supremacy during AND AFTER Trump's presidency. If you don't, you are failing all of your QTPOC and disabled family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and community.

I believe it was Beverly Daniel Tatum who describes racism as an airport walkway: if you just stand there and let it move you forward, you're still a part of the problem. Trump is the physical embodiment of our allowing the walkway to move us forward. It's time to stop now.

Check out this website for ideas. I also encourage you to share your plans below to inspire others.

If you are white, I urge you to join Showing Up for Racial Justice.

Here's what I'm doing:

- Donating to New York's Anti-Violence Project, which provides support services for LGBTQ (and straight) survivors of sexual, partner, and hate violence.

- Making a small monthly donation to Southerns on New Ground. SONG is a POC-led queer rights group that organizes exclusively in the South. To donate to other black-led organizations, consider this list.

- Going to the Women's March but advocating for the people the March has not fully supported in its statements: Queer/Trans/People of Color, disabled people, and sex workers.

- Calling my senators to oppose Trumps appointments. This site makes it really easy to do.

- Divesting from Chase for its support of the Dakota Access Pipeline and other oppressive projects. I will do this on the same day as the Injustice Boycott.

And then listen to Shane Sweeney's new song.

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