Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Permanent Wave

I am not sure if there is anything queerer than fighting my [roomate's] cat* to type an article about an LGBTQ punk band, but here we are. In fact, "here we are" seems to be what 2016 was about. Let's start 2017 fresh in two ways: with some queer punk music that reminds us that no, we don't have to settle for "here," and with a more concerted attempt at daily updates.

I had the excellent fortune of seeing Permanent Wave open for the Shondes at one of the few DIY spaces left in New York City, Shea Stadium BK. I was high on that heady mix of idol worship, adrenaline, affirmation of teenage insecurities, and happiness that comes from all great rock shows. Permanent Wave only has a few recorded songs, but that doesn't matter -- you gotta see this band live. Between Chicago Figueroa's impassioned vocals, drummer Tre D'Ambrocia's ridiculous wrist speed, and bassist Jessica Lynn Jurgens' raising the cool quotient of bass players everywhere (I've had my eye on her Fender Jaguar for a loooooong time, so it's possible that maybe there's a little idol worship in the mix there), Permanent Wave's chemistry is intoxicating.

The band's subtle mixture of punk, surf music, and disco is a similarly winning combination -- it's essentially minimalist dance music that is also beautifully raw. Permanent Wave is definitely a band to watch for 2017 and I hope there's an album I can throw my money at soon.

Permanent Wave -- Facebook, ReverbNation

*I don't think cats really belong to people. Over the last few months it has become clear that I belong to this cat.

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