Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Levi Petree -- It's Country

Levi Petree's debut album will feel familiar to fans of this blog. But to one of his friends, Petree's blend of punk, honky tonk, and country pop perplexed her so that when she asked Petree what his music was, he smiled and gave her the name of his debut album: It's Country.

Levi Petree

If you're a fan of Frank Turner, you'll get hooked by the album's first two high-octane tracks "The Rapture" and "Fight On." Petree, a California resident by way of Lafayette, LA, certainly appreciates blending genres and putting on a great show. Petree's delivery on the album feels a little practiced and theatrical, but he's a great actor so it's hard to be bothered by it. It's Country is as entertaining as it is thoughtful, as can be seen on Petree's love songs and "With You By My Side," a slower version of "Fight On." The band's sense of fun is infectious and makes me excited to see them in person -- hopefully they'll make it over here.

Levi Petree -- Official, Stream on Petree's Site, Stream on Spotify, CD Baby

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