Friday, April 14, 2017

Vassals -- Halogen Days

Things are so overwhelming these days. I'm never one to advocate ignoring the news cycle, but there are times where you just need to drown yourself in massive swirls of sound. Vassals' new EP, Halogen Days, should be listened to with better speakers than I own. But Halogen Days is not something to relax to. Vassals do an excellent job of infusing their dreamy shoegaze with a burning existentialist intensity.

You could choose to ignore, the lyrics, of course, but it would be hard to miss the sudden swells of impassioned yowls that accompany tidal waves of guitar and bass. Vassals could easily draw comparisons to the Pixies, but instead of being weird for the fun of it, Vassals is yearning for a connection in spite of their eccentricity.

Vassals -- Facebook, Spotify, Bandcamp

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