Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Morning Music!

Here's a nice playlist for your morning routine/commute. We start with Lee N. Sage's "Thrown," a bracing acoustic track. That's followed up by some blistering shoegaze punk from American High. Mt. Joy brings us back to Earth with a rootsier song that would fit nicely with American High's theme -- a response to that good old-fashioned American ennui. Rosie Carney's "Your Moon" is an empowering song for those of us who have struggled to define ourselves in spite of society's attempts to shape us (so...everyone reading this, probably.) Lee Smythe's "I Need You" would've been the perfect springtime tune for this past weekend in New York -- but since it's rainy right now, I'll shelve these sweet love song to remind me that better weather is around the corner. Maybe. Geron Hoy brings us back to those rainy days with a beautiful song reminiscing about those times when you feel awkward and hopeless out of place. On the other hand, Mat Hunsley delivers an ode to his good friends in a rich baritone. Jordan McKampa's blues shuffle is a badass and updated protest song. Loreve's "The Universe" hurtles us forward a couple of decades with a fugue-like synth track that sucked me in. Switch Ghost's "Look Into My Eyes" is an earth, sprawling rocker. "Sadie" is a bedroom folk stunner from Georgia's ethansroom. Nolander's tender vocals bring "Lindsey Ann" to life. No Small Children is a badass band of teachers with a breezy, power pop feel on "Radio." Australia's Angharad Drake has a voice that's sweet enough indeed to draw water from a stone in "Honey in a Rock." For fans of the Ballroom Thieves, Talking Underwater deliver impassioned acoustic music that swells into a gorgeous crescendo. Lastly, smoky lounge singer Sarah Lassez plays us out on "Mermaid Seranade."

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