Thursday, May 25, 2017

Morning Music

It's rainy and gross here in New York, but these songs lift my mood. Jared Rabin kicks us off with the strident anthem "Something Left to Say." Matthew O'Neill's "Alzheimer Blues" takes my deepest fear and grief and turns it into a groovy neo-soul banger. Night Talks' serene "In Dreams" compliments the weather over here quite nicely. Wholewheat's  detuned guitars, catchy rhythm, and fuzzy vocals are a powerpop treat in "Camouflage the Mirage," an excellent song that grapples with depression and the struggle to form bonds with others. "Kinda" picks up the tempo a little, with Brett's silky pop vocals overlaying crunchy guitars to deliver 3 minutes of disaffection. Starch Monkey lives more in the present with "Only You," a Southern rock-inflected love song with a kick. Nolander makes a repeat appearance with "Someday Morning," a carefully crafted acoustic song with distinctive percussion. Cattle & Cane are yet another entrant in the Civil Wars-inspired folk duet, but their distinctive harmonies in "Paper Man" promise great things to come from them. Elea Cavet is a bit of a departure from our usual fare here on the blog, delivering a multi-textured meditation on "Lust" that I hope will captivate you like it did me. Taking us home is Jason Hawk Harris, with the gorgeous "The Smoke and the Stars."

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