Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Music Roundup

On this International Workers' Day, I'm taking a break from writing. But since I don't want to deprive you of music, here are a few miscellaneous singles I've come across that I hope you'll like!

First up is Pool Cosby with "A Poem Is a Hustle." I'm trying to expand my listening beyond country and Americana because it's getting a little repetitive. Pool Cosby's about as opposite as you can get. I love the hook and the confidence of his delivery.

Pool Cosby -- Facebook

Meanwhile, if you jump across the pond to Hot Collars, they've got a fun rave-up of a song about that awkward feeling you get around your crush.

Hot Collars -- Twitter

I thought I was the only millenial who read Edward Abbey but I'm glad to see I've been proven wrong. Coastwest Unrest has a weirdly mellow punk rock song full of clever references to one of my favorite cantankerous misanthropes. Who would have hated the idea of a bunch of hippies enjoying his writing

Coastwest Unrest -- Facebook

And finally, I was charmed by Sean Barna's tale of alienation and resigned amusement at being aimless in LA. The brogue makes a familiar tale go down smooth. Barna's cheeky storytelling reminds me of the best drinking songs -- Springstein, Finn, Barham -- but with a gentler approach.

Sean Barna -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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