Thursday, May 11, 2017

Music Roundup

The new normal is a smorgasborg of music from SubmitHub!

Penny's got a surprisingly upbeat spins on people like yours truly, the classic curmudgeon.

Penny -- Official

 Veltlite has a captivating song that straddles Gothic Americana, industrial, and pop. Come for the groove, stay for the spooky atmosphere.

Veltlite --Facebook

 Proxima Parada's hit us with a double whammy with some smooth Southern-inflected grooves. "Desert Bloom II" has an irresistible bassline. "One Cloud Is Lonely" calls in some horns to boost the band's bubbly groove. Proxima Parada's probably best experiences live -- they're an updated jam band with crisp melodies and beats.

Proxima Parada -- Official, Facebook, Spotify

 Hailing all the way from New Zealand, Tablefox has a familiar anthem of ennui and disgust with routine shot through with a hint of 80s aggression.

Tablefox -- Official, Bandcamp

RaneRaps' opening line about luchadors grabbed my heart immediately.

RaneRaps -- Facebook

And last but not least (not an artist from SubmitHub), Shawn Butzin reached out to me on the heels of the Lauren Barth interview. Both of these singles are excellent and I'm stoked for the album when it comes out!

Shawn Butzin --  Facebook

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