Thursday, May 4, 2017

Music Roundup

I'm back with another music roundup from SubmitHub!

First, a couple of songs from Mark Blacknell. "World We Can't Get Out Of" has a a 90s rock thickness accompanied by a Dylanesque trill. It makes for an intriguing combination, and "World We can't Get Out Of" showcases Blacknell's determined vocals.

His follow-up single, "Albuquerque Rain Dance," is a little more contemplative. It details a narrator who escapes his humdrum routine to Albuquerque (of all places). If you've never been, it's not the most picturesque city, but maybe that's part of the point. The character's so desperate for novelty, he doesn't care where it comes from.

Mark Blacknell -- Official, Facebook

 Normally I hate electro music of any kind, but Cherokee Death Cats' Kathleen Hannah-like delivery and scrappy intensity blew past my reservations. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have any websites to follow up with yet, so hopefully they'll reach out to me when they've got more stuff out.

I've been trying to diversify what I listen to a little bit, so here's JeremyRemond's "Professional." The juxtaposition of avant-garde jazz background and Remond's spit-fire, Chance the Rapper-esque delivery make for a great tune.

JeremyRemond -- Facebook

Finally, Red Rosamond's pop soul will play you out on a smoother dance kick. I was drawn to Rosamond's streetwise voice and the catchy disco beat supporting it.

Red Rosamond -- Official

All of these songs were submitted via SubmitHub's premium service, in which I get paid 50 cents per review. If, like me, you'd prefer I spend more time writing full reviews, please donate $1+ to my Patreon!

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