Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Music Roundup

Here's another round of singles through SubmitHub! This has been a good way to find out about a wide range of artists and genres that I probably wouldn't have otherwise. Hope you enjoy!

First up, Ashlee Cain hails from the Barbados with sinewy R&B that falls in line with the excellent experimental trend that's bubbling to the mainstream here in the States.

Ashlee doesn't seem to have a website yet, but let's hope she puts out some more music soon. She's got a great voice and more people should hear it.

I'll never turn my noise up at a crunchy guitar pop song that obliquely references Lord of the Rings. Joy Downer reminds me of a less creepy Reina del Cid -- intelligent pop rock that will nourish your brain and will leave you wanting more.

Joy Downer -- Facebook

 Lauren Ruth Ward's "Did I Offend You?" is the gentlest song about an argument I've heard in some time. Ward's smoky croons have earned her an opening spot for operative rocker LP, and it's well-deserved. "Blue Collar Sex Kitten" unleashes Ward's rocker, proving her versatility.

Lauren Ruth Ward -- Facebook

John John Brown sports a playful bend of country and pop in his two new singles, "The Wind." It makes for a bewitching combination, taking the edge off some pretty stark lyrics.

And to end it on a little cultcha, here's the Massachusetts-based jazz duet The Greys, featuring Mtali Banda on sax. The duo are singer Cait Simpson and bassist Chris Merritt. I appreciate their inventiveness and will give them a more complete review further down the line.

The Greys -- Official

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