Tuesday, May 16, 2017

William Hawkins -- Unoriginal Songs

Devonshire's William Hawkins has released a sweet-and-sour set of folk punk. Really, for fans of Frank Turner, this will remind you of the guy's roots. Hawkins' puckish sense of humor informs his songs, ranging from "Donnie Trump" (guess what it's about?) too "Uncle W," which proclaims his love for his niece and nephew in spite of his own possible immaturity. ("I know that I don't seem the type of guy that they'd pick/Since just last week I woke up covered in my own sick.") Like his role models, Hawkins' pointed critiques of late capitalist society lands solidly amid strong melodies and pretty guitars.

 Hawkins is an able wordsmith and his ability to be blunt and charming at the same time is impressive. I feel he really shines, though, when his tongue is out of his cheek and he's playing from the heart. "Devon Boy" is a soaring tune that celebrates Hawkins' roots with a disarming sincerity that'll give you goosebumps.

William Hawkins --  Official, Facebook, Bandcamp

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