Monday, June 5, 2017

Humble Tripe -- The Beginning

Normally I write a little bit about an album, stick in the cover image, write a little more, then embed the file. I really have no way of knowing who clicks on it, if anyone. But this time around, I think you just need to watch this before going any further.

Humble Tripe is a more than fitting act to kick off Pride here at Adobe & Teardrops. A longtime staple of Queer Country Monthly/Quarterly (even though I always manage to miss them), Humble Tripe's performance on The Beginning is intimate and masterful. The duet -- who tour and record together in a catch-as-catch-can manner -- received a grant to live in a cabin in Hillsborough, NC to record their latest album, uninterrupted by the real world. The Beginning was recorded live and unedited, capturing Shawn Luby and Stud Green's intimate synergy. These hushed folk songs are subtle, recorded with hushed vocals that make you feel that if you strain too hard to listen, you'll ruin the song completely. The Beginning proves to be a major chapter in Humble Tripe's pure, immaculate folk music.

Humble Tripe -- Official, Facebook, Purchase on CDBaby, iTunes

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  1. Anyone not graced to hear them, will be remiss even in their most fulfilling moment. What comes through with their music can only come from places most will never be dared to go and wouldn't even if someone held their hand.