Monday, June 19, 2017

Jenny Don't and the Spurs -- Call of the Road

I think the first thing you need to know about Jenny is that, according to the band's press materials, she can actually ride a horse. And ride it well. It occurs to me that in the five or so years of running this blog, I haven't seen too many would-be country singers convincingly pose with, on, or near a horse. So that should tell you something about the band's music.

This is country. Through and through. Meat and potatoes. There's no posturing or fetishizing the music. The Spurs are as on-point as a backing band can be, with a furious rhythm section and a tastefully eloquent slide guitar. While Jenny's voice would be at home with many of the indie bands in their native Portland, there's only one type of song it's meant for: cracking open that first PBR at the honky tonk. The band never slips into irony here: Jenny's heartbreaks and triumph are pure, filtered through the requisite veneer of propriety and sincerity of a 60s country singer flirting with a possible step over the line into outlaw music. Remarkably, it works. Jenny Don't and the Spurs proves that country is only as dead as we let it be.

Jenny Don't and the Spurs -- Facebook, Bandcamp

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