Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Joe Marson -- "Lost in the Sun"

It's not often that I give singles their own post, but I was moved both by Marson's blazing guitar work and the story behind it. Marson writes:

I wrote the song about my 6 year battle with crippling depression that I experienced in my teens into my mid 20’s. I was held back from going after my dreams of playing music and felt very distanced from my friends and family. I eventually could not take care of myself and was very close to ending my life before finding the right combination of things that literally brought me back from the dead; and made me stronger than I have ever been. I know the analogy of Phoenix rising from the ashes is an oft used one, but that is an accurate description of my experience. I am huge advocate for mental health and although I don’t feel like I am fighting for my life anymore, I will be managing my depressive tendencies for the rest of my life.

Joe Marson -- Official, Facebook

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