Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Morning Music!

I just got back from my first vacation in about a year. And since I've switched up my routine, here's a list of songs that are a little out of my wheel house.

Von Bieker sets banjos and acoustic guitars to an electronic drumbeat that juxtaposes two musical worlds. Found in the Flood have a big sound that lands them somewhere between Brooklyn and Music Row, Nashville, but it's a nice change from the more typically muted indie folk entrants. Kent gypsy punk rocker Crybaby Special's give an old-world oomph to a new-world vibe -- and not the other way around. The BeeKeepers meld jazz and folk with a peaceful tune that's perfect for watching the clouds scud by on a spring day. Whissell explodes that vibe -- with a pop song that I couldn't help loving for breaking down the one-sided emotional labor typical of a failing relationship. In "Good People," Scott Standley expands the boundaries of the dulcimer and questions his community's complicity in what is now the Darkest Timeline of American political life. Corey Harper brings us back to earth in "Favorite Part of Loving You," a simple reminder that the best relationships have their funny quirks. Town Meeting's "New Hampshire" is a rousing and raucous ode to my favorite New England state. You'll be hearing more about Town Meeting's upcoming album, Geography:Part 1 later this summer. I was drawn to Naked Waste's impassioned singing and beautiful harmonies on "Ex Cathedra." Closing us out is Hannah Bower's tongue-in-cheek pop punk that's impossible not to tap your foot to as she fantasizes about getting back with her ex, even though we all know how great an idea that is.

These songs were submitted via SubmitHub, through which I get paid 50 cents a song. If you'd like to see more full-length reviews, please help my Patreon viable!


  1. Hi Rachel, You have Whissell's name spelled wrong in your write up and in the tags. It's two s's and two l's.