Thursday, June 15, 2017

Morning Music!

This week's playlist is more back-to-basics. First up, we've got the Cosmic Coronas with some soulful and masterfully played blues rock. Austin Cain's "Sand & Sea" is a warm, slow-simmering pop folk gem. MAWD's "Until There Was You" is a forceful reminder that few people are ever alone. Meanwhile, The New Arlenes' polished power pop is a detached kiss-off to "Caroline." Bad Poetry Club is a clever mix of jazz and trip-hop that'll easily win your heart over. German-born pop star NoMBe explores his rock'n'roller side with "Signs," a light summer track reminiscent of the Beach Boys with a heavier R&B bassline. Sven Curth's "It's our last night to get drunk" is the quintessential drinking song -- once you listen to this one, you won't need to turn to any other. Radiator King steps up to the plate with a rollicking ramble with "Second Thoughts in Memphis," featuring warm, crunchy guitars and Adam Silvestri's signature gravel voice -- think a friendlier Tom Waits. Oftener's "Half Moon" takes us to outer space with gossamer vocals and silvery acoustic guitars. Finally, Rob Leines takes us out with a good, old-fashioned Southern rock swagger on "Back to the River."

These songs were submitted via SubmitHub, which pays me 50 cents per song for consideration. If you'd like to see fewer playlists and more reviews, help support the site through my Patreon!

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