Thursday, June 8, 2017

Morning Music!

Here's another ten songs' worth of excellent music! New Zealand's Didirri gets us started with "Blind You." Mike Errico returns for a humorous and charming look at the end of the world with "Here's to the End of the World." Taking a turn towards sultry blues, Nia Wyn's "Do You Love Enough" slinks through a pointed message -- either to a now-scorned lover or the world at large is up to you to decide. Charlie and the Rays' "Song of Love" expands the definition of love into something universal, capturing the Woodstock summer in its shimmery guitar work. (I say this as someone who happily spent most of my summers up there.) Sweet Lu's message in "Skin Game" is more direct -- while the quirky jazz melody helps the medicine goes down, it doesn't make it less bitter. Twin Bandit's "Everything Under the Sun" takes a pause to express gratitude for the world on those rare occasions when everything is going right. Kate Russell's big voice evokes 80s ballads in "Give Your Love to Me" but her earthiness gives this twang some genuine heft. Nora Rothman's "Note to My Ex-Lover" proves that revenge is best served cold and sweet. David Stone's ballad "Alright" is a romantic comedy come to life, with charm and warmth to spare. And rounding thing's out is Arlo's "Shake the Room" because I hate being predictable and his defiance is a refreshing.

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