Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Music Roundup

While doing this playlists can sometimes feel like a chore -- getting in touch with ten different artists to follow up concerning information is a bit of a pin -- I've found myself enjoying these because it allows me to feature music I wouldn't otherwise write an entire review about. In today's list, there are instrumentals, pop, alt-rock, and of course some roots music. I think the one thing that binds them all is the conviction behind this set of songs.

Danny Starr's invigorating "Elixir" (definitely works better with British pronunciation) will get you dancing early in the morning. Chilean dream pp band Adolscentes sin edad serve up some summertime shimmer in "El Bosque." You Bred Raptors? delivers a beautiful, 6-minute instrumental with "Smithereens." Queue's charged "Frontier" delivers Brit pop with a twang. Adobe & Teardrops alumnae The Bergamot return with a psychedelic edge to "Periscope." This live version highlights the band's undeniable chemistry. In "Corner Store," David Gale takes us back to simpler days and times. Identical twins The Drury Brothers deliver a sugary punch with "Day In Day Out." Electric Zebra's heavy bass riffs and climbing vocals lead to a soaring climax for this set. British singer-songwriter Dan Presencer slows us down with "Hold Me Honey," a James Taylor-esque ballad. Bringing us home is Paul Sweeney's "Memories," a lilting acoustic guitar instrumental that absolutely lives up to its name, blending nostalgia and sweet licks without, refreshingly, erring into the maudlin.

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