Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Music Roundup!

Due to various technical snafus, I've got a couple of songs as separate SoundCloud files. Nevertheless - enjoy!

Lak Path has a powerful voice and isn't scared to use it. "Afraid" is a bracing jazz pop piece that could easily fall into R&B. The rolling drums give the song a silky quality.

Berlin-based Babyalligator combines an ethereal detachment with roots in electronic music and a strong folk melody to create the dreamy "False Starts."

Light the Air's "Gold Rush" mixes approachable melodies with intricate, literate lyrics that make for an arresting song.

Native's "Ocean" is a beautiful meditation on the nature of opportunity. Thomas LaVine embellishes his happiness with delicate guitars and unearthly harmonies in "Happy."In "Not Enough to Go Around," The Brothers Strong deliver a Dead-esque finger-picking porch stomper. Germany's Broken Radio proves that an old-fashioned, brooding Gothic-country song knows no borders. Architect the Destroyer delivers "Cherry Wine," which delivers a strong flavor of folk with an intriguing pop punk bouquet -- perfect for summer evenings. As a former educator, I can't help but love the band name Victims of the New Math. The cheekiness extends to their lyrics in "You Can Be My Brian Wilson." Hannah & Maggie are one of the best (queer) folk duos out there, so it's only fitting I give them a nod right before NYC Pride. (They split their time between Northampton and Brooklyn. Natch.) You'll hear more about them when their album is out in a few weeks, but for now check out "When You Get There," which I highly recommend you avoid at work as there are a swears. Michael Gaither has a quirky sense of humor, and that's in full force on "Somewhere I Went Right." You'll hear more about his inventive Hey Karma in the coming weeks.

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