Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Music Roundup!

Rust Dust is a one-man folk mystery. His twangy blues guitars give his songs a veneer of vintage with some modern mystery. If you're in New York, you can catch him at the Jalopy this Friday at 9 PM at the Jalopy in Red Hook. (Note that the song drops a few F-bombs for those listening at work.)

Micah P. Hinson sets aside his punk background and delivers a buttery, forlorn ditty with "Lover's Lane." Tom Speight's dream "River" is an excellent summer song. Chris Capaldi's "Lightning" is charged with a mournful pedal steel that clinches the song. Hailing from Arizona, Josh Bierman's "Everyday" has a hard-hitting beat that drives this acoustic rocker. Whetherman brings some Southern swing and British folk to his cautionary "This Land." "Palms" by Decoration Day is somewhat unorthodox, but the gorgeous vocals caught my ear. Sally Crosby's sunny "Numb" captures depression perfectly...for better or worse. TATRAN is a departure from the usual here, but their innovative approach in using every day songs to create glitchy instrumentals and free-form jazz is too neat to not spread the word. Lastly, Paul Sweeney, who was featured on last week's playlist, closes out with "The Journey," another instrumental with beautifully lyrical guitar work.  

The songs on Spotify were submitted via SubmitHub. If you like this playlist, I can make one just for you! Contribute to my Patreon today!

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