Thursday, June 29, 2017

Music Roundup

Mode Atlanta starts the set off with "I Don't Miss Then" -- a sober yet sunny look at childhood and acknowledging that it's time to move on.

In "Cake Time," Lily Avram gives us a lovely song about a relationship, all the way from the beginning to the very, very end. 

Next up, Andy Hughes tells us what happens once those feelings fade in "Heartland and Heartache." Hughes' warmth is noticeable, giving the heartache part of the title a softer landing.

Bushi and Roger Thomas put a fresh spin on folk music with the glitchy "Coffin." I love the novelty here -- it's a gamble, but Bushi and Thomas pull it off flawlessly. The song stands on its own without seeming gimmicky.

New York-based Cold Casper follows in the footsteps of his folk heroes and keeps it simple. In "Mize, June One," he reconciles his new love with all of the terribleness in the world. I can relate.

Tatiana Hazel uses vocal samplings to amazing effect in "Time." Again -- it's usually not my speed but it works so well I had to share.

Beerwine King brings a Pixies vibe to fuzz rock in "Dusty Valley." But damn, they make malaise sound so good.

We Are the Northern Lights kicks off their touring career with "It's Now Or Never" -- a bold declaration of what they plan to do as a band.

Sweden's The Old News mixes the angst of classic rock with the exuberance of a saxophone (think less Bruce and more ska) in "Descend."

Lastly, bringing us home are Joe Smith & The Going Concern with "Lonely Arizona Cold Sundown Blues." While that might seem like an extremely specific set of circumstances, Smith's existential crises will feel quite familiar.

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