Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Olive and the Pitz -- Landlocked

Olive and the Pitz have taken suburban ennui to a whole new level of charm. "East Bumblefuck" almost makes me wish I had grown up in the suburbs just so I could relate to this song. (Un)fortunately, I'll have to settle enjoying the song. (Obviously, it is not to be listened to at work.) Landlocked, despite its title, is actually quite expansive and refuses to rest on its pop punk laurels: "Reptile" showcases Olivia Riggiro's evident classical training.

At five songs, Landlocked is compact but covers lots of ground. Each song reminds those of us who are past it of that awkward stuck feeling after college but before adulthood -- if you have so much potential inside of you, how do you reach it? What if you never do? What if others disapprove? The band's press statement is worth quoting here:

We find strength after self-deprecation and beauty in disrepair. So take pride in your knobby knees and pigeon-toes. Maybe you’re a reverse mermaid and the whole top of your body is a fish, but you’re unique and super punk and the other regular mermaids envy your ability to poop freely. You can’t be the best, but you can be YOU, and that’s even better!

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