Friday, June 2, 2017

Panther Hollow -- People Synesthesia

I was in high school during the Great Indie Rock Revival and, I gotta say...I don't really miss it. I know we were all processing our collective trauma after 9/11, but I could just never get behind the wafty guitars, disconnected vocals, emotional detachment. But there was a self-aware edge to it that's intriguing. If Panther Hollow had been around 15 years ago, they would have gotten it right. People Synesthesia are 5 skinny jeans-tight character studies that careen between punk, pop, and saccharine indie sweetness. The band throws itself into the songs, but there's still a winningly wry tone to the music. Panther Hollow is having a helluva time and these five songs -- all too brief -- are a jaw to rip through. I've just listened to the album three times in a row and I'm not even sick of it. Dive right in today.

Panther Hollow -- Facebook, Bandcamp

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