Friday, June 2, 2017

Pure Luck -- Pure Luck

It's Friday. You want a drink. Pure Luck is the band to go with that drink, assuming they don't dropkick it out of your hands. The band was created via fortuitous circumstance at a backyard party in the summer of 2007. Ten years after that beer-soaked summer, Pure Luck has finally committed their jams to silicon. But this isn't any country bar band -- it's a supergroup of punk heavyweights comprised of JD Pinkus (Honky, Melvins, Butthole Surfers), Stephen Haas (Moistboyz, Uncontrollable), Cody Richardson (Hickoids, Chief Fuzzer), Claude Coleman Jr. (Ween, Amandla), and Stevage Sucharov (Brewtality Inc.)

With such a heavy-hitting lineup of hard rockers, it's safe to assume that the lyrics are a little beside the point here. However, you can hear the band luxuriate in expanding their reach, revelling in playing songs that are slightly less and slightly less furious. But...only slightly. The end result is some good old meat-and-potatoes, aggressive country rock. (After all, things have been a little cerebral on here lately.) If you want your country with a little blood in it, Pure Luck is the way to go.

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