Thursday, June 1, 2017

Rabbit Rabbit! Morning Music for June 1

Jon McNulty kicks us off with "Broken Leaves." McNulty's intriguingly androgynous voice gives the song a poignant, breathy atmosphere. With "Get Found," Mike Stocksdale makes sense of adulthood with some rugged acoustic strumming. Kylie Odetta releases her "Stress," but we get to enjoy the smooth horns and piano groove. However, Kaanvas ratches up the tension in "Thieves," a delicate if anxious ballad. Charlie Hole's "The City" quietly celebrates the liberty and isolation of making the big move. MisterWives punches up the energy level with an intoxicating mix of country vocals akin to Courtney Marie Andrews with luxe indie pop backing (I'm not good at it but sometimes I like to dance, ya know.) Doc Fell & Co. transport us to the more traditional side of town with ghostly vocals and creepy slide guitars for "Lonsomeville." With "The Hopping Waiter," Falcon's Bandits deliver a Vietnam-era tale about the Iraq War. Jae Jin's "Running" is a little poppier than I usually go, but damn if the guy doesn't have pipes that we can all enjoy. And taking us home is Chelsey Danfield's "Cowboy" -- a country ode to her grandfather, who insisted on dying with his boots on.


  1. Thanks for putting Chelsey Danfield on your play list this new release is taking off all over the world thanks to great shows like this. Big al