Monday, June 12, 2017

Zephaniah OHora -- This Highway

There's nothing new about Zephaniah OHora's This Highway, and I mean that with the highest praise. OHora, a regular of Brooklyn's hipster cowboy outpost Skinny Dennis (I also say this with love, because it's a great damn bar), has faithfully reproduced the just-shy-of-saccharine sincerity of 70s country in his debut album. OHora's silky baritone will recall decades past, but his observant lyrics, tales of good trips (of the physical and psychedelic variety) and awkward hookups are what keep This Highway from veering into hokiness.

This Highway also features breakout singer Dori Freeman on the Frank and Nancy cover "Somethin' Stupid" -- a perfectly natural pairing as This Highway's warmth reminds us of better days (perhaps) and possibly pretty good ones ahead. Amidst this retro cool, OHora reflects on his growth and the growing he has yet to do, a sincerity that pairs nicely with three chords, the truth, and few frills.

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