Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Little Mirrors -- Between the Lines

Little Mirrors, the project of Turlock, California's Trevor Speckman, is a deep dive into today's power pop. A little bit indie, a little bit folky, a little bit punk, Speckman latches onto strong melodies and clearly knows how to leverage his band into creating inviting soundscapes for his heartbreak.

"I'm Not," the EP's opener, begins with a shuffling beat that quickly builds into a cathartic crescendo. "Stranger," the lead single, "Stranger," struggles with the complex emotions of living in the friend zone:

You're up at dawn and you're dancing with a stranger
And you call me up ‘cause you know that I will answer
You've been caught up in a plethora of danger
The more I try the more I can't contain you 

But one of the emotions Speckman successfully avoids is petulance -- instead, the song conveys sadness and compassion as Speckman fears for his friend. In short, Between the Lines is a flawless collection of songs about flawed feelings. Little Mirrors has a lot going for them, and I'm looking forward to seeing where they go.

Little Mirrors -- Official, Facebook, Bandcamp, Spotify

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