Friday, July 21, 2017

Mike Younger -- Little Folks Like You And Me

Little Folks Like You And Me is a reminder that sometimes you don't need to learn new tricks -- you just need to be excellent at the ones you've got. Mike Younger's got a rasp reminscent of a young Mellencamp, with the same eye for detail and storytelling as his obvious influence. Songs like "Never Was a Dancer" showcase Younger's roots rock credentials. But it's Younger's deep concern for the environment and his protest songs about climate change that bear the emotional heft of the album.

"Poison Rivers" is a plainspoken protest song that doesn't pull punches. Younger links his environmental concerns with the real, ordinary people they affect; it's not just about the leisure to go out and enjoy nature or compassion for cute animals here. Younger has brought supplies to Standing Rock and raised money for Flint, Michigan -- the song isn't abstract for him. "How to Tell a Friend Goodbye" channels Memphis soul to break your heart into a million pieces. Little Folks Like You And Me is an unassuming album about the unassuming dramas in the lives of most of us unassuming people. But it'll sneak up on you if you let it -- much like the power of the people Younger hopes to channel.

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