Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nervous Breakthroughs Split EP

Another day, another fantastic split EP from Catbath and their pals. This EP features singles from Wetter, the exquisitely named Lunch Duchess (and I strongly encourage you check out their other songs) and The Chambermaids. All four bands are lady-fronted, which is, as always, vital in punk music and beyond.

Catbath's "Jellyfish" is a surf-rock inflected saga chronicling the dangers of a rainy 3 AM pizza run. Wetter's "Big Disappointment" combines anti-folk whimsy and driving drums to capture that moment when one is overwhelmed by a thousand different emotions at once. "Intent" by Lunch Duchess confronts an awkward situation we've all been on both sides of: when the impact of one's action is far worse (or even the opposite of) one's intent. The Chambermaids' "Pale Blue Line" is a dreamy, synth-laden confection.

You can download the EP and find out more about all four bands on Bandcamp.

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